Crafty Mom Turns Second Hand Clothes Into Fabulous Pieces

Image by @sarahtyau / Instagram

After you learn just how much is the fashion industry harmful to the environment, it’s difficult to continue shopping casually as you did before. It is officially the second largest polluter (after oil) and anything you can do to lower the damage is appreciated.

This crafty mom of three, Sarah Tyau, is a great example of how you – and your kids – can be fashionable without spending a fortune and polluting the planet. Instead of going to the ‘fast fashion’ stores, she recycles old clothes and shops at second-hand stores.

Her daughters love the process and will probably do what their mom is doing. “I have been meaning to teach them how to sew, we are supposed to start a sewing series on YouTube together where I teach them how to refashion, but they’re also so busy in their own lives, we haven’t gotten a chance to yet,” Sarah says. “But they have a strong sense of fashion in their young age and have very good taste so I think they’ll take over what I do one day and be better than me!”

The stunning before & after photos are below, enjoy!