Cricket Fans Set Up Twitter Account for a Bird Who Keeps Interrupting Matches

Some might say that the game of cricket is for the birds. 

Played over 5 days by men all wearing the same color and sometimes no one even wins; that is what a test match is effectively like. England is currently on a tour of South Africa where they are playing against the national team, and while the sport may not be for everyone, they certainly have one consistent fan. 

Viewers who have tuned in to the series thus far may have spotted a local bird known as the Hadeda roaming the pitch at Newlands. Renowned for its high-pitched call which has frightened many tourists (and even locals) at dawn, the creature is part of the Ibis family. The bird’s presence on the field in Cape Town has had to stop play on more than one occasion, with commentators taking to give the visitor a name — Harry. And because South Africans are known for their world-class senses of humor, Harry the Hadeda now has his own Twitter account. 

The page is filled with poems and other tidbits written by “Harry” himself. He will be missed when the players move on to Port Elizabeth…