Self-taught Artist Makes Portraits of Celebrities as Disney Characters

We’ve all grown up with Disney’s animated movies, and they have left a significant mark on us all. The fairytales displayed on our screens have hooked us all, and most of us have been a part of gatherings with friends where we imagined that someday, we’d have a chance to make our romantic dreams will come true. As time goes by, these stories are transformed from animated movies to remakes with actual actors on screen, carefully chosen to portray our childhood heroes as authentically as possible.   

André Manguba is a visual artist currently located in Manila who found inspiration in pop culture and Disney’s movies. As a self-taught artist, he posts his works on his Instagram profile and has over 234 thousand followers who admire his work. He successfully transforms celebrities into Disney characters, and we must admit they look fantastic!   

André loves drawing portraits, but he also likes to challenge himself by going one step forward and thinking outside the box as he tries to add more elements to his drawings. His fans love his work that features Taylor Swift as Cinderella, Billie Eilish as Alice, and many more! 

Check out his amazing portraits!