Artist Sketches Fantasy Worlds We Wish Were Real

Illustrations can be magical, just like proven by Polish artist Renata Krawczyk, whose talent is best seen in the detailed drawings in her sketchbooks. Krawczyk creates worlds we’d love to get lost in using the simplest tools and a lot of imagination.

Krawczyk is based in the Polish city of Lódź where she’s pursuing her own creative practice. She graduated from the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Art. She gets the desired effect in her illustrations by combining different textures and techniques, most of the time keeping the color scheme simple — black and white.

“When I draw, I start with a tiny dot,” the artist told My Modern Met. “Then, slowly, I fill it in with detail. The more tiny elements I create, the more satisfied I am. I just love using textures and I often reinvent them. My favorite, however, is using tiny circles.”

See her works below.