Delicious Handcrafted Bouquets Made With Flowers, Fruits, and Sweets

Year after year, when it comes to important dates, the dilemma is always the same: whether to buy beautiful flowers or special confectionery treats for your sweetheart, best friend or family member celebrating a big day. We all know that when it comes to both flowers and food, the right time is always and the right place is everywhere, so what could be lovelier than receiving a colorful, pretty bouquet that you can actually eat?

LS-Company is a Kyiv-based company whose team of creative workers are putting their imagination into making extraordinary edible bouquets for memorable occasions every day. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and just-because-moments are all perfect reasons to delight your loved ones with this unique type of a gift.

To create the exquisite bouquets they use many types of flavorful fruits and veggies, as well as chocolates and a variety of real flowers. Pomegranates, dragon fruits, avocados, coconuts, strawberries, muffins, and brightly colored macarons are some of the usual elements for these tasty arrangements. As one of LS-Company’s employees has said, “it’s pretty, it’s fun, and best of all, you can eat it!” 

Scroll down and get inspired for that next special gift you had in mind!