These Flower Arrangments Are Meant to Last

Wedding floral designer Brittany Kinney specializes in designing handcrafted faux floral arrangements, using high-quality, beautiful artificial flowers – all meant to last. The result is the opposite of tacky and Kinney admits that most people ask her if the pictures she shares throughout her website and Instagram show a mix of fresh and faux. The answer is they absolutely don’t.

“Our poser blooms allow you a stress-free completion date, with no unexpected surprises on your wedding day morning, since these pretties can be made well ahead of event time and easily stored in boxes,” she explains on her website. According to Kinney, her bouquets can easily be packed in suitcases, since many destination locations do not have a wide variety of selection to choose from on floral needs.

Her fake flowers are also lighter in weight and don’t easily stain fabrics in comparison to fresh flowers, with the added bonus that they are also allergy-friendly since they are unscented and pollen-free. “Some other reasons we are supporters of these fakers are the fact that they are more durable compared to fresh flowers, allowing your petals to stay pretty and perky in all climates and locations,” she notes.

Kinney’s original idea to start a faux flower business actually originated from her own wedding. “When I was planning my own wedding, I met with numerous fresh florists, but quickly learned my floral-vision was quite expensive,” she recalled. “My mom suggested that we explore faux blooms as an alternative so that I wouldn’t have to compromise my dream look. I’ll admit I was very hesitant to this idea. But I am so glad she did make that suggestion, because I instantly fell in love with the possibilities of the incredible selection out there!”

According to Kinney, family and friends at her wedding had zero idea poser-blooms were surrounding them when she said her vows. And so, after her wedding, she decided to start a website and design for other people’s weddings on a hobby-scale. This little faux floral business surprisingly blossomed pretty quickly. Judging by her Incredible variety, we can see why!