Dena Cooper Paints the Fashion Industry with Watercolors

Dena Cooper is known for her realistic watercolor illustrations focused on the fashion and beauty industries. Growing up in Virginia, she took to drawing and creating at an early age, prompting interest in fine arts in high school and college.

“As I’m sure is the same with many artists, my entire life has been dedicated to my artwork and growing as a creative,” she relayed in an interview with I Love Illustration. “I drew and painted and created and imagined constantly as a child and was lucky enough to learn the arts in high school, college and beyond.”

Now based in Brooklyn, New York, her selected clients include Miu Miu, Cartier, Lela Rose, Budweiser, and Neiman Marcus. Her work is very much inspired by her education in fashion design as well as her early career as a womenswear designer in New York City.  

“I get so much of my inspiration from the runway and the fashion industry as a whole,” she says. “A few of my favorite designers are Giambattista Valli, Delpozo, Dries Van Noten and of course the heavy hitters like Dior and Valentino. I’ve always had a love of fashion and I’m so glad I can celebrate that through my artwork.”

Her words of advice to struggling artists? “No matter what the obstacles are in front of you, keep pushing forward and learning and growing as an artist. You really never know when your big break will come and you only get the things you ask for in life, especially as an artist.”

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