Design and Embroidery Combined Create Remarkable Street Art

Aheneah is the pseudonym of the 23-year-old Portuguese artist and graphic designer Ana Martins who creates cross-stitch street art.

With her artwork, she wants to “deconstruct, decontextualize and transform a traditional technique into a modern graphic, connecting cultures, and generations”.

Influenced by her grandmother’s embroidery teaching, Martins starts mixing it with her design knowledge. “[I] used to explore materials and methods to scale up traditional techniques, now it’s time to challenge myself and merge everything that I’ve already experimented and bring it back to a tiny and delicate scale,” Aheneah shared on Design Boom. “Every time you look at something, it can seem different from the last time. We don’t see things as they are, but rather as we are. That’s why these are never-ending pieces.”

Aheneah has showcased her creations in numerous urban art festivals and exhibitions. You can also find her art on her Instagram page.

Scroll down and check her out.