The Unique Textile Art of Anouk Desloges

Anouk Desloges communicates through textile, which makes sense judging by her background. Born in a textile factory in Québec, Canada, to parents who were garment manufacturers, her methods include embroidery, stitch, and mixed media. “Working with textile as a medium has never been a conscious choice,” Desloges shared with Textile Artist. “Rather, it was imposed on me at a very young age.”

Her embroidery pieces are removed from their traditional support to adorn plastic and metal. Being trained originally as a sculptor, she juxtaposes different materials and techniques to create an illusion of depth and to reconsider the definition of two and three-dimensional compositions. In the end, the pieces present symbolic allegories and literary allusions – a sort of poetic artwork that demands a closer look.

“Experimenting with thread and making knotted bracelets has always been my favorite thing to do,” she recalled. “It has followed me until today. Whether it is by working with thread or by representing its knots in my embroidered pieces, its lines are always present.”

“My sketchbook contains a lot more words than drawings, however, the initial concept changes tremendously in the making,” she says, explaining about the thought process behind her designs. “The original idea succumbs to the act of materialization, yet prior to the end, the idea is investigated, deepened and deconstructed throughout the evolving phases.”

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