Amazing DIY Jewelry and Decoration Made by Russian Artist Masha Aprelskaya

Russian artist Masha Aprelskaya, known on the Internet as Masherisha is the author of many amazing pieces of jewelry and decoration that you will absolutely love. She makes necklaces, mobile phone cases, decorative boxes, and notebook covers.

The artist uses all sorts of materials, like glass, cast rubber, and resin to create her pieces and decorates them further with sequins, flowers, leaves, letters, etc. Masherisha runs an Instagram account with over 43k followers where you can see pieces of her work and get an idea of how to do it yourself. She also runs a YouTube channel where she often posts detailed tutorials on how to make something on your own. She goes through the whole process – mixing substances, creating bases, shaping, drying, and decorating.  

Some of her most beautiful pieces are hair ornaments made of shells, or small, elegant necklaces with pearls and stars glued on the glass. There are also wooden jewelry boxes and mobile phone cases decorated with doughnuts and biscuits that seem edible.  

We were fascinated with her works so we decided to share them with you and if you like them too, try making some yourself, it’s not hard!