Designer Photoshops Huge Air Jordan Sneakers into Real-Life Locations

Creative director and designer Carlos Jiménez Varela recently presented an intriguing new series of works, titled “Air Jordans Project,” which will appeal to both sneakerheads and fans of retouching. The project sees Varela photoshopping huge Air Jordan sneakers into photos of real-life locations.

According to the artist, the idea came to him randomly, and he decided to use the project to learn new things and enhance his craft.

“I constantly create new projects like this so I can keep practicing both my retouching and compositing skills with Adobe Photoshop as well as my creative skills for coming up with new concepts,” Varela said about this project. “This is just a way to keep myself busy learning and trying new things.”

This Costa Rica-native uses royalty-free photos for locations, relying on sites like Pixabay and Unsplash, while taking the images of sneakers from Amazon or the online vendors.

Varela’s goal is to include every model of Air Jordans that is released so far into his project. Check out some of this cool work below.