This Self-Taught Chef Can Teach Anybody How to Cook

When it comes to cooking, some feel right at home in the kitchen, while others can’t make scrambled eggs. Still, everybody has to eat – and when you know-how, life gets so much simpler. 

That’s where Laura Vitale comes in the picture. This self-taught home cook has decided to venture on to YouTube and teach everybody how to cook – because she really believes anybody can step into the kitchen and make themselves a decent meal.

Laura isn’t a professional cook herself. Her love of cooking and baking comes from her own experiences in the kitchen, and over the years, she’d picked up more than a few tricks. Like all truly experienced cooks know, knowing how to cook doesn’t mean you can follow a recipe to a tee and recreating someone else’s recipe perfectly – it’s about experimenting, knowing what works together, and having the confidence to try something new. 

That’s what Laura’s channel is about. Laura spends her time experimenting in the kitchen and creating new recipes. Then, when she’s satisfied with the result, she uploads a new video to YouTube and shares a breakdown of her process. Her viewers can try to make the recipe themselves or create their own unique versions at home. 

Laura’s welcoming, down-to-earth attitude really connects with lots of foodies online. She had over 3 million subscribers, and 500 million views! And with each new subscriber, her message spreads even further – you don’t have to be a genius to cook. Just step into the kitchen and start working.