Dino Tomic Uses Only Table Salt to Create Unbelievable Art

Dino Tomic is a Croatian tattoo artist and art teacher currently living in Norway who has impressed the world with his many talents over the years, perhaps most notably by mastering the art of drawing with salt.

The forever curious and productive artist found himself hurting his wrist from too much drawing so in order to keep on creating while his wrist heals he began using salt, which he carefully sprinkles from a paper cone or plastic bottle onto a giant canvas and then uses his fingers to redistribute it.

The new medium showed enormous potential and Tomic soon dedicated himself to exploring the possibilities of his new favorite technique with breathtaking results which earned him global recognition.

Drawing with salt is no easy feat – because of his incredible orientation to details, his realistic salt masterpieces can take many hours and days to complete. But much in the fashion of Tibetan monks who create beautiful mandalas using colored sand only to destroy them in one breath not long after, Tomic regularly posts videos of him destroying the work that he spent so much time creating, which at the same time are painful and liberating to watch. Check out his gripping artworks below!