Artist Brings City Streets to Life With Massive Surreal Paintings

Chinese-born artist DALeast communicates with the public through his series of gigantic 3D street paintings that look unusually alive and have earned him the reputation of one of the biggest names on the contemporary scene, as well as one of the most prolific street artists ever.

An incredibly skilled master of illusion, DALeast has created numerous of his trademark paintings that seem to be made out of thousands of tiny metal shards that beautifully re-shape into animal figures around the world, including China, South Africa, France, Germany, Italy, the United States, and Australia. Besides leaving his mark on the global urban landscape with his hundred-feet building wall paintings, his works have been presented at many group art exhibitions and solo shows.

Born in Wuhan, China, DALeast has been making art since a very young age, experimenting with painting, sculpture, installations, and even performance art. But what eventually captivated his artistic passion was breaking the boundaries of street art and he set out to do just that by mastering a recognizable style of intricate interpretation of animal shapes based on simple lines.

The fractured, disintegrating effect he’s famous for allows him to powerfully express the dynamics of movement which makes his paintings so mesmerizing to gaze at. Enjoy his work in the gallery below!