This Artist is Lighting Up Social Media With His Explosive Art

Dino Tomic, a Croatian born artist, has some explosive artworks. The artist started a new project which involves using gunpowder to create art. This unique art form has mesmerized so many Instagram users.

In some of his videos, he can be seen shaping a grainy substance on paper using a bottle full of gunpowder. It is truly a sight to behold. Viewers will definitely be shocked when the light is moved closer to the page, and then the powder ignites. The flame trickles down like dominoes and leaves ash behind on the page.

Tomic says that it is challenging and he needs to do a lot of brainwork to get it ready. His pieces range from movie characters to other pieces. This artist lives in Norway and is the owner of a tattoo shop. When he isn’t experimenting with gunpowder, he draws tattoos. He is also known as an excellent artist with lots of expressive pencil drawing.