Dog Brings Baby Animal Home — Turns Out It’s a Bear Cub

A dog in Washington County recently brought home a baby animal, but very soon it turned out that the rescued orphan was not just any animal — it was a bear cub!

The poor cub was found in pretty bad shape, dehydrated and underweight. Luckily, the orphaned animal was instantly transported to the Wildlife Center of Virginia where the entire team worked hard to help him. As he weighed only 540g (about 1.2 lb), the cub was put into an incubator and the staff made sure to bottle-feed him the entire time.

“It’s a great example of all of us working together to provide what a wild animal needs most!” Amanda Nicholson, the director of outreach at the Wildlife Center, told Bored Panda.

Don’t worry, because this story has a happy ending! The black bear cub recovered in no time and the Wildlife Center has found him a foster family. The cub is now out in the wild, with his new mom and siblings who will look after him.

Nicholson stated that this situation is not that unusual and that the Wildlife Center has received wild animals before.

“It is fairly common for us to receive wild animals that have been picked up by pets, but it’s uncommon that they are uninjured. Sadly, we see a significant number of injured wildlife from free-roaming housecats, and dogs will also often disturb nests of some ground-dwelling wildlife,” she said.

Before we say goodbye to this little guy, make sure to take a look at these heart-warming videos below.