Stay Sweet’s Macarons are Filled with Sprinkles and Love

Macarons have proven themselves as a great creative outlet for food artists who are trying to make something delicious, colorful, and completely original – and those just happen to be the best words to describe Stay Sweet’s creation.

This Instagram page is run by New York-based pastry artist Lindsay, who specialized in all things sweet. She has a habit of bringing a hint of French flair to each of her creations, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that macarons are her favorite.

She truly mastered the art of crafting these French pastries to perfection, but what we love the most about her macarons is the fact she’s always trying new things. Lindsay enjoys filling them with everything from buttercream to sprinkles, and we’re always looking forward to seeing what she’s going to come up with next.

Check out some more of drool-worthy macarons Lindsay shared with her Instagram followers, and scroll through her page to discover other show-stopping desserts she crafted on her own.