Dog Stands Up For Smaller Dog In Adorable Video

Dogs are seen as the most compassionate animal species in the world. They are man’s best friend in so many ways. Dogs are fiercely loyal, and they have lots of love to give. When it comes to caring for their fellow canines, they don’t fall short as well.

In this adorable video, you can see a human hand offering the pet a treat. When it comes close to his mouth, the hand snatches away the snack. This goes on for a short while, and you can see the disappointment on the dog’s face. What happened next was completely unexpected. A bigger dog who has been watching the whole thing stepped in to help. He uses his paw to hold the human’s hand and collects the snack gently.

You thought he’d eat it right? He didn’t. He quietly dropped it for the smaller dog.

His actions are heartwarming and show compassion for his smaller counterpart. Please watch the video below and leave your thoughts in the comment section.