“Don’t Be Perfect, Be Real” and Other Inspiring Messages by Taylor Weaver

Psst… We’ve got your dose of positivity right here! Designer, hand-letterer, and illustrator Taylor Weaver is here to lift your spirits. Known for her playful illustrations, bold color choices, and bubbly letterforms, her hand-lettering projects feature personal thoughts, fun quotes, and uplifting messages.

“The main message of my art is just to share my life and experiences,” Weaver further explained in an interview with SD Voyager. “I want to connect with others that have had the same or similar experiences while creating a beautiful finished product that is enjoyable to look at. I hope that my work is uplifting, funny, and sparks fun memories in people. I hope it makes them feel good.”

Her work is sometimes directed at other aspiring creators, with some including messages like: “If it scares you, do it anyway,” and “start right now”. “I hope people look at my work and get excited about it,” says Weaver. “I hope it sparks a drive in them to create something wonderful that they love and are passionate about. I hope it is motivating to other artists and connects with people who just love to look at art too.”

According to Weaver, her inspiration stems from human experiences. “I don’t want to just create a beautiful piece of work,” she stresses, “but I want it to connect with someone and mean something to them too.” With clients that include Healthcare, Juice and Wellness Bars, and Float spas, people are definitely tuning in to her positive messages.

And when she’s not drawing on her ipad or watching tutorials on all things design and lettering, you can find her traveling, painting with watercolors, reading, and hiking (or climbing) her way through National Parks. Here’s one Instagram account you’d want to follow these days: