This Illustrator Finds Patterns In Nature

New Zealand-based illustrator Katie Wilson appeals to both children and adults, her work centered around the natural world. Inspired by nature, her illustrations include botanical patterns and whimsical animal characters, painted in such manner that highlights their handmade quality.

“I’ve always loved animals and have always either had dogs or cats or horses or chickens in my life,” relayed Wilson in an interview with AWW Magazine, explaining that after spending time with animals she finds she can imagine their personalities easier. “I try to simplify the shapes and textures of the animal whilst still keeping it recognizable,” she explains. “I also try to show its personality through facial features and gestures.”

Working from an old railway house in a small town in Coastal Otago, New Zealand, she finds inspiration in her garden, the landscape around her and her long nature rambles in the surrounding countryside. Informed by her careful observations, Wilson’s illustrations focus on the simple, sweet and cozy things in life, featuring themes like flowers, pets, and home.

“There is an underlying environmental message to my work,” she says, “I want people to see the beauty of the things we share this planet with – the animals, the plants and insects and through this hopefully care for them more.”

“I think I’ve always drawn and painted,” she adds. “My mum was always making things so I’m sure it was her influence that made me start drawing.” Wilson’s illustrations can be found printed on stationery and accessories, as well as children’s books, greeting cards, toys, and clothing. But you can also follow her work via Instagram.