Each of These Porcelain Soy Sauce Dishes Have Hidden Paintings

It’s been a while since 3D printing became a thing, and we’ve managed to achieve some pretty great things with it.

But, the technology is still far from perfect. In fact, we’ve barely begun to find out exactly how we can use it, and it’ll probably be decades until we fully realize just how useful 3D printing can be.

While most are concerned with 3D printing building materials and food, however, one Japanese design studio decided to create porcelain soy sauce dishes that contain hidden art in each one.

When you pour soy sauce into these porcelain dishes, various hidden paintings are revealed.

So far, the design mostly consists of traditional Japanese characters, as well as cats and dogs, but who’s to stop the design studio from doing something more intricate?

It’s already pretty amazing as it is, and well worth giving the time of day.

Scroll down below to see these artistic porcelain soy sauce dishes in action.