These Intricate Sculptures Are Actually Made Out Of Delicious Cake

The Austin-based cake artist Natalie Sideserf is known for her mesmerizing cakes and cake sculptures. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in fine art, Natalie moved from Cleveland to Austin with her husband Dave Sideserf, who is also cake artist, where she opened her own cake business, Sideserf Cake Studio. The sweet pair are now making some of the most impressive and insanely delicious cakes you will ever find. 

Formerly a sculptor, Natalie launched Cake Studio in 2013, after sculpting a cake with the face of country music legend Willie Nelson for a cake competition. After thirty hours of work, she created a hyper-realistic masterpiece that gained global attention and became the number one submission on the front page of Reddit. This paved her way to features on American Idol, The Chew, and a number of Food Network programs. 

When asked if she has a favorite cake she’s worked on, Sideserf is quick to respond, noting it was her own wedding cake. As one might guess, her wedding cake was anything but traditional. The creation featured the severed heads of Natalie and her husband and a banner that read, “’Til Death Do Us Part.” 

Take a look at her prizeworthy cakes below!