These Illustrations of The Little Mermaid Paint an Awfully Sad Reality

Ariel is one of the most iconic Disney princesses.

The daughter of Triton, who is the ruler of all the seven seas, Ariel’s red locks, and blue eyes, as well as her story, has been told to children of many generations.

But, in the movies, Ariel’s oceans paint a beautiful picture of beautiful and clean seas, which is a stark reality from what’s happening today.

German artist Stephanie Hermes used her artistic talents to paint what Ariel would look like if her beautiful ocean kingdom would be littered with plastic bags and straws, as well as other trash that we’ve polluted the world’s oceans with over the past few decades.

The results are as harrowing and as eye-opening as it gets.

If it’s any consolation, however, the artist still manages to keep things lighthearted, showing Ariel cheerfully sporting a 7-eleven plastic bag as a bikini top as she duels with her underwater friends using pens and toothbrushes as makeshift swords.

Then again, not even Ariel’s bright smile is enough to cover the fact that we really need to do something about what’s polluting our oceans today.

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