Edinburgh Offers Walking Tours With a Dog as Your Guide

Would you go on a walking tour with a dog as your guide? Well, now you can in Edinburgh! Wee Walking Tours offer amazing sightseeing adventures around the Scottish capital with the best guide you could possibly ask for โ€“ an adorable Golden Retriever named Sawyer.

If you want to explore a new city with a canine guide by your side, this is your best bet. You can see myths and legends of this wonderful city along the way, and discover some familiar locations which were featured in Hollywoodโ€™s biggest hits โ€“ including Harry Potter!

Sawyer will be with you every step of the way, but donโ€™t expect him to tell you anything about these tourist attractions. Heโ€™s simply there to brings joy to visitors and help them make magical memories in Edinburgh, but his owner Sami is the one whoโ€™ll provide you with great advice during your visit to this city.

Itโ€™s also important to remember Sawyerโ€™s participation depends on several factors, including his mood and weather conditions, so make sure to book your tour when itโ€™s sunny outside so you wouldnโ€™t miss this adorable Golden Retriever.