Check Out These Adorable Baby Yoda Cookies

The whole world is currently obsessed with Baby Yoda, and our favorite bakers on Instagram are no different. Check out some of the most delicious sweet treats inspired by this adorable character that we can’t stop talking about.

Melly Eats World

This Toronto-based baker is the mastermind behind the tastiest pop-culture inspired macaroons, and it was just a matter of time before she put Baby Yoda on the menu.

Sugar Devotion

Katrina from Sugar Devotion also shared her take on the fan-favorite character, and her cookies look so great it would be a shame to eat them.

The Cookie Confectionery

Holli from the Cookie Confectionery couldn’t resist but make holiday-themed Baby Yoda cookies, and they turned out pretty great.

Topi Cookies

If Baby Yoda sweets simply aren’t enough for you, Topi Cookies prepared a wide range of treats inspired by a bunch of different Star Wars characters.

Peapods Cookies

Kristie from Peapods Cookies decided to mix up Baby Yoda treats with the cookies with “too cute, I am” caption, and they’re the most perfect combo we could possibly wish for.