Rebecca Mills’ Vector Illustrations Really Pop!

Australian illustrator and graphic designer Rebecca Mills is a master of vector illustration, employing simplified geometric shapes, crisp edges, smooth curves, and bright (but considered) color palettes, to create vibrant artwork that really pops!

With a BA in Graphic Design from Curtin University of Technology and 12 years of experience behind her, she knows what she likes and she does it well. “My work is digital,” she stressed in an interview with Ballpitmag. “I have so much respect for those working in traditional media without the magic of undo and easy proportion/scale adjustments. Being able to adjust colors globally is also something I really love. Everything looks better when slid -5 on hue!”

Indeed, her work is very much color driven. “Once I get a brief, I sketch while split-screen researching on my iPad (normally on the couch with the terrible TV on in the background),” she says. “Once the sketches are approved by my client, it’s color blocking time. If the brief allows, I’ll bring into PS and go nuts with homemade paint textures and brushes.”

With a little over 10k fans on Instagram and selected clients that include the Perth Zoo, the State Library of Western Australia, and the University of New England, people are clearly taking note!

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I can’t believe it’s been nearly an entire month since I got to meet the amazing crew at Procreate at their Hobart office. I have LOVED this app from the moment I first tried it at the Apple store in Perth, and after seeing how genuine, hard working and just… freaking NICE the team are that are behind it has made me love it even more. ⠀ ⠀ Did you catch the Live Stream with me and Procreate Oprah (Georgie) on the couch? I walked through the new in built Colour Harmony tool which is completely game changing. During the Live Stream, I started with a flat values illustration and coloured it in two ways, one complementary and one analogous, using the Colour Harmony Tool. If you missed it, it’s up on @procreate’s YouTube. I have since spent some time working them up (and tried triadic too!). Swipe through and let me know which is you’re fave. Slide 4 shows the original values illustration. ⠀ ⠀ I have mocked these up on a Gen 2 iPad Pro as that’s what I use (and therefore what my screenshots fit). ⠀ ⠀ My top 5 fave features of the new update:⠀ 1 – Floating Colour Picker (which is now completely bug free and lovely to work with). ⠀ 2 – Colour Harmony Tool⠀ 3 – THE BRUSHES OMG⠀ 4 – Animation Assist – I’m not an animator but am working on a few things in my spare time. Most are terrible but it’s so fun. ⠀ 5 – Clone tool is life saving. ⠀ #procreate @procreate #procreate5 #ipadpro #dribbblers #dribbble #illustrator #perthart #perthillustrator #toucanart #australianillustrator⠀

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