Eminem’s Viral #GodzillaChallenge is Taking the Internet by Storm

We can always count on our favorite celebrities to start the next viral craze, and Eminem is the latest star to do it. The hip-hop superstar was in charge of starting the #GodzillaChallenge but what is this new musical trend all about?

This viral challenge borrows its name from Eminem’s collaboration with the late rapper Juice Wrld, titled “Godzilla”. The song was featured on his latest album Music to Be Murdered By, and it sees Eminem rapping 224 words in just 31 seconds of the final verse.

It’s a truly staggering achievement, and Eminem decided to challenge other people to rap as fast. The how the #GodzillaChallenge was born, but most people failed to match the rapper’s impeccable flow because memorizing all the 224 words is an achievement in itself.

The nature of this lightning-speed verse is making the whole thing so fun and the fact it’s difficult to pull off is not stopping people from trying. #GodzillaChallenge is already a huge hit on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok and we can’t wait to see if any celebrities will give it a go.