Enter Victo Ngai’s Passionate Illustrated Multiverse

Image via victongai/Instagram

Illustrators have the ability to create fantasy worlds, some seemingly parallel to our, that seem to coexist in some fabulous multidimensional space. They also have the ability to visually show us their way of thinking, their life experiences and their struggles.  

Victoria Ngai is a talented artist that brings you into a world you’ve never encountered before. She welcomes you to the Miyazaki universe, which is filled with color and imagination. Ngai is a renowned and award-winning Hong Kong illustrator who simply doesn’t stop working because she fervently believes that all drops of inspiration must meet with the sheet and the pencil. Since she is constantly busy coming up with new ideas, she is able to bring intricate, original details in her illustrated world. 

She believes that a good style is simply the one with which the artist feels most comfortable and this confidence is shown in each of her strokes full of truth and freedom. She’s an example of how following your intuition can make your dreams come true and that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.  

Check out her illustrations and dive in into her multidimensional world!