Everyday Objects Are Invaded By the Surreal in Marisa Adesman’s Still Life Paintings

Marisa Adesman is a St. Louis, Missouri-based artist who creates still life paintings that are unlike anything you have seen before. In her works, everyday objects get invaded by the surreal with a captivating and thought-provoking effect.

At first glance, Adesman’s paintings are reminiscent of the works of the Dutch Golden Age still life masters with their attention to detail, expert use of light, and balance. However, once you take a closer look, you notice something is off. That can be a fork extending its tines to wrap around its nearest object, pieces hanging upside down, or hands crawling from an opening to show themselves.

Through her paintings, Adesman aims to explore and highlight a number of social and cultural issues, including the labor of women that have been unappreciated and invisible throughout history.

“I aim to create tension between contrasting sensations: sensual yet horrifying, nourishing yet violent, familiar yet surreal, alluring yet deceptive,” Adesman explained in a recent chat with Colossal. “These dichotomies serve as a metaphor for the paradoxes of human life and especially the feminine experience.”

You can check out more of Adesman’s paintings by visiting her social media or by scrolling below.