Family Created a New Skeleton Scene Every Day on Their Front Lawn for Halloween

For most of the year, the Dinote family is just your normal suburban family. But when the month of October rolls in, Steven and Danielle Dinote and their kids unleash the Halloween spirit on the San Antonio neighborhood of Stone Oak by creating amusing skeleton scenes every day on their front lawn.

The Dinotes started this amazing tradition in 2020. The family went to a Halloween store, bought a bunch of skeletons, and arranged them on the front lawn. The following day, Danielle thought they could rearrange them to make a different scene. After that, everyone in the house started pitching new ideas.

It wasn’t long before the neighbors and passersby noticed this and were quite entertained by the family’s ideas, which ranged from some wacky situations like a football match between skeletons and ghosts to recreations of popular movie scenes.  

“People said it was the highlight of their day,” Danielle said in a chat with TODAY.

“We’re silly people who like to have fun,” Steven added. “We’re a house full of goofballs.”

After positive reactions, the Dinotes returned to the tradition for 2021 and then did the same this year. They even started an Instagram page, where they are sharing different scenes with Halloween enthusiasts who can’t check them in person. Continue scrolling to check our favorites.