Japanese Artist Makes Figurines Inspired By Funny Animal Memes

Japanese artist Meetissai creates the type of art you probably haven’t seen anywhere else. They make figurines inspired by funny animal memes.

The subjects of Meetissai’s works are all those cats, dogs, raccoons, bears, and other animals that got internet fame thanks to their looks or mishaps. You’ll not only recognize some familiar faces, but you will also be surprised at how detailed and dedicated the artist is in their effort to bring the meme to life in the most accurate way possible.

Even if the source of inspiration hides some optical illusion or unusual look, Meetissai will make sure to recreate it in their figurines. This results in quirky pieces like the one that depicts just a head of a cat and strangely long legs growing out of it.

According to Meetissai, their works are crafted out of epoxy putty. The material is malleable in its original form but hardens at room temperature. Epoxy putty is often used for home renovations as a space-filling adhesive, but as these awesome figurines show, it can also be a great material for art.

Meetissai showcases their figurines mainly on Twitter, where they have more than 240K followers. Continue scrolling to check out more of them.