These Are The Fanciest Cookies You’ll See Today

Have you ever seen fancy cookies like these? They seem so simple to make, but they take more time and skill.

Most bakers don’t go with the traditional cookie style; they bake shortbread cookies. This is because a traditional sugar cookie may not be puffy with soft edges. With this method, every cookie is perfect and well defined before it gets iced. After it cools, royal icing is used with gel food coloring to start the decorations.

Amber Spiegel, aka SweetAmbs, creates perfect sunflower cookies by laying out the icing painstakingly. It is not as simple as it looks. The result is amazing and looks so tidy and neat. She waits for the icing to set before finishing off the design to prevent the sugar from melting and sinking into the icing.

See some of our favorite picks below: which do you like the most?