Vancouver Artist is Making Amazing Vibrant Portraits

Dimitri Sirenko is an artist from Vancouver, Canada who is using acrylic paint to create his expressive and vibrant paintings. The artist is mostly focused on painting wildlife scenes as well as portraits of imaginary people and celebrities such as Prince and Brittany Murphy. However, one of his most interesting painting series is probably the one with characters from popular TV show Game of Thrones.

Dimitri’s website states that the artist is relying on his imagination and photos, when trying to capture the essence of personality he’s painting.

“For Dimitri, art is a language that can communicate on both conscious and subconscious levels which is why aesthetic execution of his art is a big part of making that language more accessible for a wider range of audiences” – reads his website.

Dimitri has an undergraduate degree in animation from Emily Carr University of Art and Design and he worked as an art director for 8 years before he decided to become a full-time painter.

Check out his amazing paintings below.