Father Turns Son’s Drawing Into 3D Art

Most kids draw a lot – at home, at kindergarten, even in school. Drawing is an important creative outlet, a great hobby, and a way to interact with the world when their other communication skills aren’t fully developed yet – every child can grab a crayon and scribble on a piece of paper even before they can speak.

But that doesn’t mean the art they produce is great. Usually, it’s adorable, but not all too realistic. They get better with age, but it’s hard to imagine a 6-year-old kid’s first drawing hanging in a museum. They usually end up hanging on the fridge at home for a while, before being set aside for the next drawing.

One dad decided to go the extra mile with his kid’s drawing. Dom’s father, a photoshop wiz, turns Dom’s drawing into realistic looking, 3D art, and shares it on Instagram, in his account, Thing I Have Drawn.

Dom’s dad doesn’t alter a thing in the original drawing. If the doodle is slanted, disproportionate, missing a crucial member like a nose or and eye – the digital recreation will be slanted, disproportionate un incomplete.

The end result is as creepy as it is adorable. The 3D images look like monsters or aliens, but they also provide a rare glimpse into children’s imaginative perspective. And above all, it’s adorable evidence of one dad’s devotion to his kid.