Flags Turned Into Characters For Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

Every athlete has a dream of performing at the Olympic Games and winning a medal, which is considered as one of the greatest achievements in the sports world.

At the Olympics, the best athletes from all countries will face their opponents, each better than the other. The pressure to give an outstanding performance is huge, but thousands of fans are there to cheer them on. The mere idea of holding the flag of your country and listening to your national anthem in front of millions of people gives us chills. 

In anticipation of the 2020 Olympics that will be held in Tokyo, Japan, many artists come forward with their support and ideas. 

One group of Japanese artists made an amazing combination of the things that Japan is most famous for and shared it as an unofficial promotional campaign for the upcoming games.

Combining the look of the traditional Japanese samurai with the modern mega-popular anime style, this group brought the flags of the competing countries to life by presenting them as unique characters that are ready to fight. 

Even though every character is different, when put together, they make a compact whole. 

Check them out in the gallery below!