Check Out This Hilarious Comics About a Black Cat

Catsu the Cat is a comic and family business that shows all of the fabulous and not-so-fabulous sides of being a cat owner. It is run by two people and it is actually a story about an Estonia-based feline called Dita and its adventures.

According to Daria, the artist and the cat’s owner Dita is a very special cat. “Our cat Dita is our Muse and inspiration, Daria shared on her personal website. “She is one very special cat for us and you can probably say we are cat-persons to the point when it even gets a bit eccentric.”

Daria and her boyfriend launched Catsu a couple of years ago when she “got obsessed with the idea of making small batches of designer items united with a theme of one certain character – a little black cat with a bit crazy look”.

“Later we figured out the name (Catsu is similar to ‘cat’ pronunciation with a Japanese accent) and our stuff started to get more and more popular.”

Take a look at Daria’s adventures below.