Artist Gives the New “Lion King” Characters a Makeover

The Lion King remake recently had its world premiere and it has left the world divided – some fans are calling it a masterpiece, while some claim it’s “strikingly realistic”.

Nikolay Mochkin, also known as Ellejart on Instagram, is also a fan of this classic movie and its remake inspired him to make some amazing fan art.

The artist imagined what the movie would have looked like if it had stayed more faithful to the cartoon version. In an interview for Bored Panda, Mochkin revealed what inspired him to make this fan art.

“In my childhood, after watching the classic cartoon The Lion King, I was delighted and immediately began to draw fan art on it on paper with a pencil. And now, when I watched the modern trailer, my first reaction was: ‘wow! It looks cool, but where are the heroes we were used to from childhood'”, Mochkin said.

“I like all the characters because they are perfectly accustomed to their roles, and this is a great story. As a result, I am faithful to the classic cartoon.”

Take a look at his recreations and see if you like these characters more than the real ones in the remake.