Frankie Unsworth Will Teach You How to Stylize Your Plate

Instagram changed the way we experience food. Now more than ever before, a good meal is judged not only by its ingredients but by its appearance. London-based food and prop stylist, Frankie Unsworth, knows best. The author of The New Art of Cooking, Unsworth understands the importance of the small details when it comes to stylizing your plate.

“I love the finickity little details that go into my job,” she gushed in an interview with Linen Beauty, “picking out the prettiest leaves for the top of a salad, carefully segmenting citrus with surgical precision and the regular challenge of wrangling a linen napkin into a seemingly natural but picture-perfect positon beside a plate.”

Unsworth recalls being passionate about the details and thought that go into making a photo-worthy meal long before it was her actual job. “Even as a child I loved soaking in the atmosphere in restaurants, obsessing over every little detail and specifically chose to study languages at school (Italian, French, Spanish) from countries whose cuisines I liked the most,” she recalls.

Nowadays, the majority of her time is spent alongside cooks, photographers, and writers, making sure their set and dishes are properly styled so that a certain atmosphere is presented, alluring potential customers and foodies. With clients including brands and publications as big as Twinings, Penguin Random House, Harper Collins, and The Guardian, she clearly knows what she’s doing.

You’ll want to take note.