Slava Korolev Turns Discarded Music Instruments into Lamps

Slava Korolev collects old music instruments, vintage cameras, and other items people wanted to get rid of and then repurposes them as cool-looking lamps. He designs all the pieces himself and crafts them in his garage.

According to his website, he makes sure to only work with items that can’t be used for their original purpose anymore: “No live instruments were harmed in the making of this collection,” he says.

Korolev revealed in a recent interview that he got into this intriguing craft in 2014. He had “plenty of time to kill” so he came up with the idea to try and make lamps from his “humble collection of vintage horns and wall-hangers.”

After giving away the lamps as a present to few friends, the word got out, and he quickly started getting inquiries from people who wanted to buy something similar. Korolev made several more to deal with the demand and continued doing it ever since.

Take a look at more of Korolev’s lamps on his Instagram page!