French Studio Does Unique Photo-manipulations

Doing photo manipulation isn’t just about knowing how to use Photoshop but also having a wild imagination and great eye for pairing things. Luckily, the guys and girls over at French studio Les Créatonautes click all these boxes and regularly present us with intriguing photo manipulation and collage works.

They do all sorts of crazy photo-altering work including turning food into objects and animals, mashing up two different animals into one and making everyday items go alive. In their creations, mushroom becomes an elephant’s head, rhino turns into a bus on legs, and internet cable becomes a violent snake.

“The world is in permanent change, it is in a transformation” – said Les Creatonautes’ Olivier Grossmann in one of his interviews. “This transformation, often invisible, sometimes unexpected, is inevitable. Living organisms, landscapes, technologies, societies: everything changes constantly, at different rates. From this observation, we decided to transform the world in our own way.”

Check out some of Les Créatonautes’ works below.