Funny Comics with Unpredictable Endings by War and Peas

Image by @war.and.peas /Instagram

If you are looking for their new favorite webcomic, let us recommend some of the works made by War and Peas; comic creators from Germany.

Consisting of Elizabeth Pich and Jonathan Kunz, War and Peas is known for their humorous stories that often have unpredictable endings which make their comics even more amusing.
“Elizabeth spends most of her time tramping around secluded German forests, eating high-calorie fudge bars, so most of her ideas come from those sugar highs. Jonathan just watches a lot of TV,” – the duo explained their creative process in one interview.

Pitch and Kunz published their first joint comic in 2011, and have managed to build a dedicated fan base that usually can’t wait for their next comic to gets out.

You can check out some of our favorite War and Peas comics below.