Funny Illustrations Made By Samuel Markiewicz

France-based illustrator Samuel Markiewicz began his artistic career more than a decade ago, and since than he has occupied various positions including web designer and a front-end developer.

When asked to describe what role art plays in his life, he said that for him, art is stories. “I love that because stories, real or not, define the way I approach the world. They help me to understand things, to nuance some of my thoughts. They help me to grow sometimes, and sometimes to escape. I also like to tell them too,” Markiewicz said in an interview for Ballpit. He added that he likes working digitally because “it is really practical and he can test a lot of mediums via brushes”.

You can find his work on his Instagram page where he religiously posts images of his illustrations. Although he doesn’t have a huge following his creations are definitely worth checking out. Scroll down and see for yourself.