Gretchen Röehrs Playfully Blends Food and Fashion

Gretchen Röehrs is an artist of many talents, but she took the world by storm with her series “Edible Ensembles”, which playfully mixes food and fashion into one.

Röehrs took playing with food to a whole new level and transformed it into a new art form through a series of creative illustrations that utilize fruits and veggies instead of paint.

Each of her signature works features a mini-portrait of a stylish woman, whose clothes are made of perfectly placed foods that represent its forms, colors, and textures.

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Röehrs’s work became such a huge hit online that she ended up publishing a book called Edible Ensembles: A Fashion Feast for the Eyes. It featured some of her most recognizable illustrations, including banana peel jumpsuits and oyster shell dresses, but she never stopped making new ones.

Her Instagram page @groehrs is filled with dozens of amazing illustrations, but she’s not limiting herself to using food. She also creates fashion-forward illustrations using everything from flowers and plants to makeup and paintbrushes to dress the ladies she drew.