These Pet Portraits Were Drawn In 10 Minutes

Michele Cahill is a portrait artist who makes incredible portraits of animals using only chalk and paper. Once you see her drawings, you may think that these portraits are not as awesome and detailed compared to other artwork you’ve seen. But the most amazing thing about Cahill’s pet portraits is that she draws them in only 10 minutes.

The story of how this talented artist started creating pet drawings in 10 minutes is quite interesting. Cahill was asked to be a party entertainer artist when, all of a sudden, a pet portrait caricature artist backed out last minute. Even though she’s not a caricaturist, Cahill offered to draw realistic pet portraits and this turned out to be huge a success.

“At first, it took me a while to get up my speed, but once I got in my drawing groove I was able to get the images down in ten minutes using charcoal and chalk on gray paper. I started to be asked to draw at more pet parties after that first event. I can do larger commissioned artworks and with people and their pets also,” the artist told Bored Panda.

Check out these adorable cats and puppies in the photos below.