Harmonia Rosales Draws the Most Striking Portraits

Harmonia Rosales is a Chicago-born artist who paints striking portraits that feature black women surrounded by animals and floral details. Rosales’ artwork is influenced by her Afro-Cuban background and is mostly focused on empowering black women in western culture.

“I empower women of color through art that challenges ideological hegemony in contemporary society. The black female bodies of my paintings are the memory of my ancestors expressed in a way to heal and promote self-love,” the artist said in an interview with Colossal. She also added that her portraits speak to “the part of me that has been the least represented in our society.”

Rosales already gained public attention for her reinterpretations of classic artworks, in which she replaced main subjects with her black heroines. Her 2017 painting “The Creation of God”, for example, went viral because it depicted God as a black woman.

Check out Rosales’ amazing artwork in the photos below.