Guy Dresses Up as Batman to Rescue Animals In Need

Chris Van Dorn is a 27-year-old young man who is a real superhero; he is fighting for animals left in shelters while wearing his Batman costume. The Orlando, Florida-based hero’s story began when his father adopted a dog.

“It all started around 2014 when my dad decided to adopt a rescue dog,” Dorn shared on his personal website. “A quick search of the Internet turned up a wide-eyed, happy go lucky, super chill, tri-colored Australian Shepherd.”

Mr. Boots, the new family member, arrived around the time Dorn was on the final stretch of earning his own private pilot license.

“Mr. Bottsie’s story inspired me to want to give back and help other animals in need to,” he added. “It took me some major thinking while in the shower but it finally hit me and I came up with a way of taking my ability to drive as well as my passion for flying and combine it with my love of animals.”

Dorn has always been a fan of Batman and combining it with his love for animals, Batman4Paws was born.

Batman4Paws is a non-profit organization that rescue and transport dogs, cats, and other animals in need to their forever-homes, no-kill facilities, and foster homes throughout the state of Florida and beyond.