Guy Trefler is Celebrating Coronavirus Survivors Through Witty T-Shirts

For anyone, the past few months have been extremely difficult, as we’ve been trying our best to stay safe while maintaining social distancing. With the number of people affected by the coronavirus, many of us know someone who has experienced symptoms or has been exposed.

The good news is many people with coronavirus have fully recovered and one man is bringing them together and spreading kindness during this difficult time. Guy Trefler, a graphic designer, is creating t-shirts that’s proceeds will go to charitable causes.

PlayJunkie spoke with Trefler about the amazing story behind these shirts, “I was so inspired by the acts of kindness around the globe, in response to the coronavirus, that I knew I wanted to make a difference too,” he said.
“Even in these hard times, there’s been a real sense of community, with people coming forward to help others.”

When the pandemic hit, Trefler knew he could use his talents to help others and bring people together during the difficult times, “With all of us stuck at home, it can feel very lonely, especially if you have been social distancing for a long time,” he said. “People can start to feel depressed or anxious about what might happen next. That’s why it’s so important to showcase the positive stories, and also use that platform to give back to people in need.”

So, he decided to create a range of t-shirts with witty saying about overcoming the coronavirus. With all the anxiety and unknown surrounding the pandemic, Trefler’s shirts are raising morale by allowing those who have beaten the odds and recovered to celebrate their victory, while raising hope for those who are still battling the coronavirus.

So, how did Trefler, come up with the idea for the shirts?

“It was very simple really,” he said. “I just thought of funny ways that people are currently dealing with the pandemic, focusing on the small details that we have to be thankful for after recovering from the virus.”
“Sometimes, you have to laugh,” he smiled. “We need laughter to stay sane.”

But, it’s not just uplifting messages Trefler is selling, for every shirt that’s purchased, 50% goes directly to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. “It’s not just about keeping morale up, though of course, that’s important,” Trefler said. “It’s also about using our skills where we can to be helpful and offer practical support for others.”

With the money made from the t-shirts, UNHCR can provide essential aid and support to the people who are most affected by the coronavirus. Trefler also wants to bring awareness to all the incredible work UNHCR has done, “UNHCR is delivering lifesaving supplies and support to refugees and displaced people in countries like Bangladesh and Syria,” he wrote on his website. “They ensure clean water and soap are readily available; provide lifesaving information to families; airlift medical aid and hygiene items to areas affected by the virus; increase the number of hand-washing stations in refugee camps; equip health care workers with the supplies and training they need.”

Trefler encourages everyone to get involved in whatever way they can, “Everyone can make a difference,” he said. “Everyone has something to offer. If we all pool together our resources—our different skills and talents — we can come together to create enormous opportunities for change.”

You can get your own t-shirt on his website or follow him on his Instagram account corona.survivor.2020 for more updates.