Here is How Cheetos Are Made

Photo by Ryan Quintal on Unsplash

Cheetos are one of America’s most beloved snacks. They are cheesy, puffy, crunchy, and simply finger-licking good. But did you ever wonder how these iconic Frito-Lay’s orange cheese puffs are actually made? Well, we did.

The Food Network recently shared a video on YouTube in which they took internet users behind the scenes and gave us an inside look into Cheetos’ production process.

The first step in the process is mixing cornmeal with water, which creates a batter. The batter then passes through an extruder, which gives Cheetos their unique shape. At this point, the snack has a yellow color and consistency of a rice cake.

The uncooked Cheetos then pass through a fryer, where they are cooked on a temperature higher than 300 degrees.  After this, comes the cheese.

Powdered cheddar cheese is mixed with oil and other seasonings and then applied to the Cheetos, giving them the taste we all know and love and their distinct bright orange color.

To learn more about Cheetos and see how they are made, watch the video below.