Hilarious Animal Memes Immortalized In 3D Sculptures

Japanese artist under the pseudonym Meetissai creates tiny sculptures from viral internet posts that most of us are familiar with. They began the project after searching for a “real life” version of their favorite animal meme. Unable to find one, the sculptor decided to make their own.

Now, the project became so popular that there are many collections of hilarious animal memes being immortalized in 3D sculptures. According to Insider, each piece takes 10 days to complete and is made out of epoxy putty and stone powder clay. These miniatures are also delicately painted by hand.

Meetissai said that their personal favorite is the adorable cat walking on two legs. Most of their creations are cats but the artist creates forms of other animals too. You’ll likely see a new creation after an animal meme got viral on the internet. Check out his latest posts below.