House Built Into A Rock? Why Not!

In the past few years, the world of architecture has reached a whole new level of innovation and has given birth to ideas and designs that are without any exaggeration, ground-breaking. From minimalistic ideas that save a lot of space to extravagant waterfalls in a building, we are getting impatient to see what the future holds.  

Amey Kandalgaonkar is an architect who also wants to move the boundaries of conventional architecture. One of his latest innovative ideas is the House Inside A Rock. At first eye-deceiving glance, it looks edgy and rough. When you look at it from the side, it looks like a puzzle box with a minimalistic façade that came straight out of a sci-fi movie. But the real magic happens when you take a look from above. With its complex structure and sleek look, it will make you gawk in wonder of how it perfectly fits on the rock. 

As a master of 3D modeling, Kandalgoankar first had to closely study the form and the shape of the rock in order to assemble his design. He used simple planes and cubes so he could achieve visual balance. 

We hope that this concept will become a trend someday soon!